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[[ Hey, remember that one time when Young Justice was really popular and Greg Weisman went on record saying that he fully believed there were differently oriented characters in Young Justice:

And there was that one scene from Beware the Dawn where Bart rescued Jaime from that secret underground lab and Jaime was 100% shirtless when Bart caught him:

Cause I remember

I remember that a lot. ]]



Jaime’s hands trace down small, fragile hips as their lips connect once more. He looks down at Bart, watching the young man squirm for a moment into the tender, gentle kiss.

The candlelight this had begun by had almost burned itself out as they meet as one, and for a moment, although Bart begs…

This is SMMMMMMNMEXEH!!! Also, can we all agree that bluepulse is 100% cannon?

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